Society of St. Vincent Depaul

Seeing the Face of Christ in Those We Serve

What We Do


Our Work

Rent assistance in Henrico

Utility assistance in Henrico

Food assistance

Information and referral resources 

Ongoing case management

We serve the following zips:

23060, 23059, 23228, 23229, 23233, 23294

At the center of our work is the home visit. Two Vincentians will visit those we work with to see how they can better understand the challenges faced and how we can support the indivudual or family. A Vincentian is not judgmental and always looks to see the face of Christ in all those we serve.

The role of a Vincentian is to walk besides those in need in helping them to determine solutions for the challenges they face while always reminding them of the presence of God in their lives.

Financial assistance is not guaranteed.


Our Accomplishments

More than 700 families served since April 2017

Support exceeding $175,000 provided to keep families in their homes with water and power

Direct spiritual support and ongoing case management provided to more than 375 families through home visits provided by Vincentians in Henrico County

First Society of St Vincent DePaul Conference in the Greater Richmond Area


See What a Home Visit Looks Like

The core of our work has always been the home visit. Since Blessed Frederic Ozanam in 19th century Paris, Vincentians  have gone to those in need and provided both financial and spiritual support.

Click here to see an example of a home visit.