Corona Virus Scare- Reduce Your Social Distance-from God March 18, 2020

"I will come to you in the silence

I will lift from all your fear

You will hear My voice

I claim you as My choice

Be still, and know I am here."

These lines are from the Davis Haas hymn "You are Mine". I have thought of this often over the last week as our country is in the middle of the Corona Virus scare. Businesses are closing because of advice for people to quarantine or isolate. Jobs are being lost. You hear a cough or someone feels sick, and we think the worst.  People are worrying not just about the virus but the impact it is having on their lives. 

The term of 2020 will be "social distancing." Ironically, while we practice "social distancing" on the advice of infectious disease experts, we should be reducing our social distance from God. Take your new found time and revisit your relationship with God. Talk  to Him.

Fear and anxiety are normal. But they pull us further from God. They do not solve problems. They worsen them. Many people in our world today count on these human responses in time of crisis or the unknown. They try to benefit from them or use them to push an agenda.

God doesn't want us to live in fear or panic. Should we take the Corona Virus serious-of course. Should we follow good advice-yes. But that's not what we have been doing. Give your fear and anxiety to God-He can handle it. Use the gifts he has blessed you with to make a positive difference during this crisis and after. Check in on an elderly neighbor. Help our friends in need.  Pray with your family. Don't listen to the fear mongers  or those who would work in selling fear 24/7 on the TV or internet.  Listen to God.   Reduce your social distance from Him. And remember, like the lyrics say: "I will lift you from all your fear...Be still, and know I am here."

The Corona Virus will soon pass. God's love for us will never.